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Loved Ones Package
Mental Health

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Give your loved ones the gift of health.

Mental Health 

Emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Couples Therapy 

  • Grief

  • Psychiatry

Therapy from:


Psychiatry from:


Comprehensive Health Evaluation


  • Virtual & Home Visit

  • Routine labs

  • 1 month supply of chronic medications.

Terns Apply.

1 Patient from:


2 Patients from:

$349/zeyara (save $50)

Subspecialty Opinion

Talk to an expert, get the insights you need to make informed medical decisions.

Cardiology from:


Oncology from:


Give them the gift of Health.

Loved Ones


Simple pricing for everyone

Your plan, your choice. Affordable easy pricing.

Individual $189/month

Household $300/month

Virtual visits with leading doctors around the world in any specialty.

Home visits from MD Zeyara doctors on the ground. 

Vital signs and lab samples collected from the comfort of home. 

Scheduled medication home delivery. 

Remote monitoring enabled by wearable technology that syncs directly with your MD Zeyara Patient Portal. 

Access their health information anytime, from anywhere in the world on the MD Zeyara Cloud Portal.

Talk to a doctor about your specific needs now.

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—  Client, Dubai


“الصراحه جربت العلاج بواسطتهم أطباء جدا محترمين وعلى قدر من الكفاءات العاليه جزيل الشكر والتقدير لخبراء الطب في امريكا.”


     MDZeyara, Boston, MA

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